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Outpatient consultation Monday to Saturday- from 9 am to 5pm.

The department of General Medicine provides treatment for the following:



1) Dr. R R Walvekar, MBBS,MD ( HOD )


2) Dr. Amit Bhate, MBBS,MD


3) Dr. B S Mahantshetti, MBBS,MD


4) Dr. Amar Patil, MBBS,MD


5) Dr. Shrikant Metri, MBBS,MD


6) Dr. Subhash Karchi, MBBS,MD


7) Dr. Saif Memon, MBBS,MD


8) Dr. Anish Kurikose, MBBS,MD


9) Dr. Aakansha Sinha, MBBS,MD


10) Dr. Ratna Bhustali, MBBS,MD